Bursch Law PLLC is built on a foundation of four core values that define the firm and its commitment to clients and outstanding service:


  • At its most simple, justice ensures that every person is given his or her due and corrects what is inequitable by ensuring objective fairness. Every client is entitled to justice, not only in the law's application, but its enactment. An unjust law is no law at all.


  • Temperance, i.e., moderation, is the restraint of passion and desire. Temperance prevents us from excess, and it requires the practice of balancing the pursuit of legitimate good against an unhealthy or exaggerated desire.



  • Prudence is practical wisdom, reflected in the ability to see reality without delusion. It includes making honest and thoughtful assessments of downside as well as upside risks, and choosing courses of action that maximize the likelihood of achieving a well-defined goal. Prudence does not always mean choosing the litigation route, and it demands innovation and creative thinking.


  • Fortitude is courage and a strength of will to achieve justice, notwithstanding adversity and personal risk. Fortitude overcomes fear and perseveres through obstacles. It also provides the grit necessary to overcome tedious and unpleasant work to achieve a just goal.